Aves Business Centre: Registered Office

At Aves Business Centre, we offer a wide range of business solutions. Here, we tell you a little more about our Registered Office service… Every business in the UK requires a registered business address, which will be available on public display, company paperwork and your website. However, not every business has an official office to […]

New Parking at Aves Business Centre

Due to recent Inverclyde Council legislation, there are new terms for parking at Aves Business Centre… This month, Inverclyde Council has put new legislation in place for parking in various areas around Inverclyde. As a central location, parking at Aves Business Centre has been affected by the new terms. In order to park in the […]

Aves Business Centre: Office Space

Looking for office space? Look no further… There are many advantages that come with having an office: No distractions, a place to hold meetings and an organised work space, to name a few. Aves Business Centre was created by Elizabeth Todd as a way of having affordable office space in the local Inverclyde area and to […]

Business Profile: Tweetiepie Media

In our second business profile, we introduce you to Tweetiepie Media – run by owner of Aves Business Centre, Elizabeth Todd. Over the years, social media has become a huge part of business and the way we access information from day to day. For those who either don’t know where to start with social media […]

Location Location: What’s Nearby to the Aves Business Centre

Aves Business Centre prides itself in being in a central location of Inverclyde Here we introduce you to what’s in the area surrounding Aves Business Centre. Inverclyde is made up of Wemyss Bay, Inverkip, Gourock, Greenock, Port Glasgow and Kilmacolm – but Greenock is where you will find the main town centre. The main street is […]

Aves Business Centre: Business Directory

Finding all your business needs in the one place, we introduce you to our in-built Business Directory… As a business centre, it’s natural that we will meet many business owners. Whether it’s our frequent members or simply those visiting Aves for a meeting, we always make the effort to talk to everyone and exchange details. […]

Upcoming Office Vacancy at Aves

Information on an upcoming permanent office vacancy here at the Aves Business Centre… We have an office vacancy coming up at the Aves Business Centre  from September 2017. Available on a permanent or temporary basis. Furnished with two/three desks, plenty of electrical outlets and data points, and complimentary wifi, the office is ideal for small businesses who […]

Festive Showcase at Aves!

Celebrating Christmas here at Aves! 2018 has been a great year for us – it’s hard to believe we’re almost 5 years old! To celebrate, we’re finishing off 2018 in great spirits by promoting other local entrepreneurs! Don’t wait ’til December. Get ahead of the crowd ! If you are are in business busy making christmas […]

Christmas 2018 Package Pick Up Centre

We know that feeling all too well! You’ve ordered Christmas presents online but you’re not 100% sure when they will arrive and you don’t want to miss them being delivered. Or you don’t want them to be spotted by the recipients! Instead of worrying, get your presents delivered to Aves Business Centre and we’ll let […]