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Business Profile: Tweetiepie Media


In our second business profile, we introduce you to Tweetiepie Media – run by owner of Aves Business Centre, Elizabeth Todd.

Over the years, social media has become a huge part of business and the way we access information from day to day. For those who either don’t know where to start with social media or simply don’t have the time, Tweetiepie Media offers a wide range of services from complete social media management to blogging, SEO and web design, website training and marketing consultancy. Here we have a quick interview with founder Elizabeth Todd…

Why did you decide to start up Tweetiepie Media?

I always wanted to work for myself and do something which I actually enjoyed doing. I saw a gap in the market for companies offering social media. So over time, and due to client demand, social media has developed into a multi-platform service.

What – in your words – is Tweetiepie Media, for those who don’t quite know a lot about social media?

Tweetiepie Media is a company offering social media to companies. Social media is a digital presence and  great way for companies to be in touch with their existing and potential customers. At Tweetiepie Media we  provide social media support as well as full management for small to medium sized businesses. We also offer a variety of marketing strategies to enable these companies make the most of what they have and to further reach their target audience.

What does your typical day include?

No two days are ever the same. I usually start my morning by answering emails and ensuring everything is in place for clients; however this is something which continues 24/7! On top of that, I attend meetings with current and prospective clients, monitor and manage social media and develop marketing campaigns/ promotions for our clients. However, I’m always striving to improve  the service which I give, so I spend a lot of time analysing data to identify effective and efficient strategies for each client,  then developing  plans for improvement.

If you would like to find out more information about Tweetiepie Media, please follow the link to the website: