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Registered Office / Postal Address

If you would prefer to keep your personal address private then why not use our registered office service!

All UK Limited companies require a registered office address, which is the official address for all correspondence from Companies House and HMRC. This address will appear on public record and should also be displayed on company paperwork and websites.

For an additional fee we can forward your business mail from Companies House and HMRC to a correspondence address of your choice!

If you are a sole trader or partnership then you can still make use of our postal address service. You can have your mail sent to us and held until a time which is convenient for you to collect. This can include mail from HMRC. This service is ideal if you generally work from home and don’t wish to publicise your home address.

We provide this service for as little as £14.50 plus VAT per calendar month. ( for a minimum 12 month period)

The benefits of using our Registered office are:

Why wait at home for letter/parcel deliveries. Our Postal Address Service will free you up as your letters and  parcels can be delivered here, and waiting for you to collect them at your convenience! For as little as £14.50 plus VAT per month ( for a minimum 12 month period). Parcels are subject to a small surcharge per parcel. 

Get in touch now via our website, Email or give us a call on 01475603300 to find out more about our Registered Office & Postal Address service!