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Aves Business Centre: Office Space

Looking for office space? Look no further…


There are many advantages that come with having an office: No distractions, a place to hold meetings and an organised work space, to name a few. Aves Business Centre was created by Elizabeth Todd as a way of having affordable office space in the local Inverclyde area and to provide that same service to other business owners too.

Here at Aves Business Centre, there are several office spaces of varying sizes, suitable from one person up to a group of fifteen plus . Our facilities are available for daily hire or for a certain period of time, or if you wish to hold a workshop or have temporary housing for your business. There is also the option to rent one of our offices over a longer period of time, from a minimum three-month contract up to a year long licence. Heating, electricity, high speed wifi, tea & coffee and chilled water, are all included in the price. You also have the option to add on any additional Aves services including photocopying, printing, telephone answering service, telephone and landline or virtual landlines registered office, parcel drop off.

These services have already proven to be very popular, and we house a range of businesses – all of whom, tailor their office space service to their individual needs. If you only need to borrow a desk, you are welcome to view our Hot Desking service or arrange a meeting in one of our Meeting Rooms.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch