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New Parking at Aves Business Centre

Due to recent Inverclyde Council legislation, there are new terms for parking at Aves Business Centre…

This month, Inverclyde Council has put new legislation in place for parking in various areas around Inverclyde. As a central location, parking at Aves Business Centre has been affected by the new terms. In order to park in the town centre, drivers are now required to display a parking disc,which can be collected free of charge from our front desk. On this disc, drivers must display their arrival time, and must return within the set time for the area in which they have parked their car.


The council’s environment and regeneration convener Councillor Michael McCormick said:

“When the police warden service was withdrawn three years ago, it became clear the existing parking situation was not meeting the needs of our town centres.

Greenock in particular has been experiencing parking problems. Inconsiderate and illegal parking has become a real issue causing safety concerns and serious inconvenience to shoppers, people with disabilities and businesses over the past few years.

“The new parking arrangements provide a better managed system with a better turnover of spaces and will reduce congestion. Access for deliveries will also be improved as will the safety of pedestrians.”

-Source, Inverclyde Now

Surrounding streets such as Jamaica Street, West Blackhall Street and West Stewart Street all have a 30 minute maximum free stay. Any later, and the driver will be fined by traffic wardens. For those visiting the Aves Business Centre, we recommend parking at Jamaica Lane, Watt Street or Ardgowan Street, where there is 24 hour free parking.

 Remember to pick up your parking disc from our front desk at Aves Business Centre!