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Why YOU Should Think Local

Big branches are well known, but here are the reasons why YOU should think local…


It’s a matter of convenience, we all do it: Supermarkets, department stores, big brands. Every day thousands of people shop with well-established businesses, and that’s great, they’ve grown to become a huge success. But in today’s economy, it’s important to take note of our local entrepreneurs. This doesn’t necessarily have to be with shopping alone, consider services too. Each business in your community is no doubt run by someone from your community, who relies on local trade. Here are a few reasons why you should think local…

1. Service: A lot of the time, local businesses are run by a sole trader or a small team. This way, you won’t be passed from department to department – you will be able to speak to the person in charge.

2. Economy: Whether we like it or not, money makes the world go round, especially the world of business. Local entrepreneurs have the same domestic bills to pay as the rest of us. By being local they are providing a service to your community, keeping it local ,and your custom could be exactly what’s allowing this person to make a living.

3. Community: Money aside, working with local businesses promotes a sense of community and by maintaining a local service maintains communities. Local businesses build up a list of people you can trust. Do you have a business? Working with local entrepreneurs is also a great way to network – they can recommend you to their clients and vice-versa.

Here at Aves Business Centre, we pride ourselves in being a hub for local entrepreneurs and do our best to showcase them  in any way we can. Head over to our website and have a look at our business directory and join us here at Aves to become a part of your local business community !