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Aves Business Centre: Business Directory

Finding all your business needs in the one place, we introduce you to our in-built Business Directory…

As a business centre, it’s natural that we will meet many business owners. Whether it’s our frequent members or simply those visiting Aves for a meeting, we always make the effort to talk to everyone and exchange details. As part of our website, we’re building a Business Directory – made up of all the contact details of businesses that are in some way involved with Aves Business Centre.

On top of providing a directory for potential clients to refer to, the Aves Business Directory will also act as a networking platform for businesses to interact with each other. For example: If a joiner is building a kitchen, but needs a plumber to fit the pipes, they can look to the Aves Business Directory for local trades. Over time, our business directory will grow, and more and more people will find exactly what they are looking for.

The unique thing about our business directory is that your business will be easy to find – we believe in quality, not quantity because we know customers can be distracted if there are thousands upon thousands of pages to scroll through. This business directory is easy to source, efficient and targeted to a local customer base.

To join our business directory, follow these simple steps.

Visit the Aves Business Centre website for our range of services.

Call or email Aves Business Centre: | 01475 603300

Come in for a meeting and we can discuss your needs -whether it’s a full membership, the alternative landline service or simply one day of hiring one of our meeting rooms.

Simply leave your business card/details with us and we will automatically add it onto the Aves Business Directory.


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