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Alternative Uses for Meeting Rooms at Aves Business Centre

Meeting business needs – here are some alternative uses for meeting rooms at Aves Business Centre…


Here at Aves Business Centre, we understand that every business is different and similarly have different requirements. With our flexible office space and services, we endeavour to cover all bases and are more than happy to respond clients requirements. Here are a few alternative uses for our meeting rooms…


Whether you’re a business owner (or even a journalist) our meeting rooms offer a quiet professional environment in which to carry out interviews. We also offer complimentary tea and coffee chilled water and wifi.

Pop-Up Events

If you’re launching your business, our various sizes of meeting rooms make great locations in which to host your event. With access to our kitchen facilities, you are more than welcome to store any refreshments for your event.

Pop-Up Shops

Looking for a central location to sell your product? Our meeting rooms are a great place to hold a pop-up shop – either as a sole supplier or as part of a marketplace. Our complimentary wifi means that you can keep your customers up to date on social media and use your electronic payment system.


Whether it’s for one evening, or over a period of time – exhibit your work here at the Aves Business Centre. Opened 5 days a week and weekends by request, and in a central location, it’s the ideal place to host your exhibition.

Fitness Classes

Our larger meeting room is an ideal place to hold a fitness class, such as yoga or pilates. Being a flexible office solution for local business and community groups, we can easily create the space you need for your activity. Please feel free to enquire about specific times, during the day, or in the evenings, which you would prefer.



Private tutoring for individuals and groups of primary and secondary students, after school and  at weekends is a great way to to build confidence and increase the learning capacity for students.

Increasingly, tutoring groups are taking advantage of our flexible learning environments to maximise learning for their students.

We offer very attractive cost effective packages to tutors in a quiet, safe environment.

For any other requirements for making the most of our meeting rooms, please get in touch at and we can provide the perfect space for you and your business.