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Interview: Robert Polland – Ensite

Providing End-to-End IT Solutions, we interview Robert Polland from IT, Computing and Technology Business, Ensite…

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First of all, what is Ensite- for those who have not heard of it before?
Ensite is what we call “A multi-faceted IT Supplier” which gives us the ability to produce “End to End IT Solutions”

Now that’s quite a mouthful, but it basically means we have expertise in many IT and Technology related branches, thus we are what we like to think of, as a “one stop shop” for any business that needs support in IT, Computing & Technology.

This is important, since many IT providers specialise in narrow fields, meaning that normally, businesses may have to have a separate IT supplier to maintain their company server, from the supplier that hosts or built their website, and yet another supplier to manage data backups & security, or physically rewire their internal network, or even just configure their iPhones, or maybe it’s just general application support for their end users, such as Microsoft Office on their PC’s etc, etc. – so it makes it simple, and much more manageable, when all they have to do is ask Ensite, and in the ten years since we’ve formed our own company, 99% of the time, we can say “Yes, we can do that!”

What does your typical day include?

Considering our core philosophy is to provide a huge array of services, it means our days are very, very varied – which is hard work, but a lot of fun and really interesting. One day we’re crawling through some roof space, rewiring a network (dust & spiders webs everywhere), and the next we’re working into the wee small hours, trying to revive a dead PC which runs a company’s payroll, and the day after, we’re composing an instrumental backing track using VST technology, for a video we’ve created & edited – how cool is that?!

What services do you use and what are your thoughts on the Aves Business Centre?

Ensite use the Aves Registered Office / Postal Address service, which we think is a great service for small businesses, partnerships, and new companies. The service is very efficient; we get email alerts as soon as mail arrives, and we think it is excellent value for money, and very, very, practical, plus, if you’ve just started your business, it makes the image and client perception, much more professional.

We also use the meeting room services, which is great to meet with clients, use as a practical working space, or if you work at home, it’s a great place just to go and get some quiet space to work, as it has all the amenities needed, such as broadband, wireless, landlines, tea & coffee, plus the added bonus of being a very central location.

Not only is Aves Business Centre a brilliant and innovative idea, but it’s many services, actually contribute to the ongoing growth of Greenock & Inverclyde, becoming an excellent place to start a business, so well done!

To find information, visit the Ensite Website or get in touch